Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being A Good Wife, Lesson One

In my long span of years as a married woman (1.9 to be exact), I have accrued much knowledge of how to attain a superb marriage. Ladies, ladies, ladies...did you marry a man? Good. Treat him as such. First off, you can quit calling him "hubby" because it's an ugly word. He is your husband, a man, and chances are you probably emasculate him on a daily basis so let's not add another way to do that to the list.

Ah, now that I've gotten that pet peeve off my chest we can move on. Kate Gosselin. What a prime example of everything not to do. Since I've watched every episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8 let's just all agree that I've lived in their house and know each of them personally. Kate, why won't you let your husband finish any thought or feeling he has? Men do have feelings, shocking but true. They like to feel appreciated and loved and respected too.

Which leads me do me to my third point. Ladies, witholding sex because you're upset or can't have your way is a mean, mean thing to do to people...especially your husband. If you didn't plan to "get it on" with your husband on a bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or octo-daily basis, then you shouldn't have married a man. The Austrian monasteries are quite lovely, from what I've heard.