Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Confession. Chapter Two.

I just realized something else that could be interpreted as creepy. When my friends create a facebook page for their wedding and everyone jots down their addresses I like to type them into google maps and see what their house looks like. Ah, it's good to get that off my chest.

Thank you. I will go now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I do weird things when I know there's no possible way anyone will find out.

I realized this as I was leaning my face against my door staring through the peephole for ten minutes.

You see, people think that I don't know when they're walking up to the door. On the contrary! I know and see all.

And I like it that way.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Guys and Dolls

Childhood. Mhh, sweet indoctrinated memories. Unlike many households abundant in Disney movies, mine had zero. I think my parents did this on purpose so that I had to watch only their old classic films over and over. Lucky for me however, the two movies we owned were totally freaking awesome. Guys and Dolls and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Seven Brides is still my all-time-favorite-know-every-line-Benjamin-marry-me-movie. Owned exclusively on VHS recorded off TV.
That's us Heinemans alright! But I'll save my love for that movie for another time and place...

I hadn't seen Guys and Dolls in over ten years until last night. It's a totally different experience watching it as an adult. I will now list the reasons for your reading pleasure.

1. Adelaide is a stripper! I have fond childhood memories waking up in the morning, coming down stairs, fast forwarding to the song Take Back Your Mink, and removed each item of clothing just like Adelaide...however I did it until I was a naked 4 year old in my living room. I was a stripper in training, is what I was!

Look at that sweet innocent face!
Miss Adelaide, I trusted you.

2. Marlon Brando was seeeeeeeexy. (This makes the list because as a child I didn't know what sexy was......And it was Marlon Brando.)

3. The guys in the movie go around a lot saying the word "marker" (or, "marka" as they pronounce it). Saying things like, "I'll give ya my marka I'll have the 1,000 bucks for ya by tomorrow." When I was a kid I thought this was a common phrase for saying you'll promise someone something. Ha. Oh how I was deceived. That explains why no one understood what the heck I was talking about. "You let me play with your Malibu Barbie and I'll give ya my marka ain't nuttin bad'll happen to her."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Swan Princess: A Testimony

Missionary work, like many facets of the gospel, can easily be related to our favorite movies. Swan Princess, a classic animated tale, is one such of these movies. While teaching an investigator, they might have trouble committing to baptism. Baptism is a time for a person's spirit to be merged to the true church, and it's teachings. Perhaps you have a female investigator who is struggling (Odett is her name) and you might find yourself thinking, "But what if Odett doesn't go for the merger?" Urge her!

And even if a person makes the fateful decision to stop taking discussions don't say "All these years of planning, wasted!" You did your duty to teach all those willing to listen to your message. There are still plenty of people waiting to hear that the true church has been restored who are sick of living their lives asking, "What else is there?"

While Jesus was on earth he taught that we should not be deceived in these last days. Teaching people that true happiness comes from following gospel teachings may be tough. Sin can look intriguing, but it's not what it seems. It's not what it seems! When a person becomes baptized, that's just the first step on a latter of commitment to God and to commit their time and talents to his church. One step is going through the temple to be endowed. I would hope they would utter these sweet words in their mind after making such a strong commitment. "For longer than forever I swear that I'll be true. I've made an everlasting vow to find my way to you." (The previous line of course refers to striving for eternal life). "For longer than forever, and with your love I'll never be alone." Swan Princess gives such inspirational words one might even testify of them from the pulpit. Which is fine with me! Just fine with me!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Silver Lake is Super Cool

A little reservoir I did not know existed before today, it's name is Silver Lake.

Big Cottonwood Canyon, so many mysteries. We bought a fancy pants camera so we take pictures when the occasion merits. You can walk all the way around the lake on a wannabe boardwalk Yellowstone style. It is not a little known secret, however. There were approximately 189,938,022 people walking around the lake too. It was an awesome Saturday activity!

We hold hands because we like each other.

I plan to show these pictures to our children one day to explain that mommy and daddy were cute before they had you.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Photograph Phun: The Favorites

I thought Aaron could use some more good photos for his comedy/acting career so we had a little photo session today. These were shot at Trolley Square by me, my camera, and my index finger.