Monday, October 25, 2010

The Best Stories: Chapter One

Throughout my life there have been hilarious instances in which the universe has worked in my favor despite all odds. I declare it's time to catalog these stories.

In 9th grade I was supposed to come into my English classroom during lunch to take a Romeo and Juliet test that I had missed. I hadn't read the chapter at all and was BSing my way through the test pretty remarkably. Example? One question asked,

"What did Romeo do after Rosaline dumped him?"

Having absolutely no idea I replied with the first thing that came into my head...a Zoolander quote.

"He went out for orange mocha frappuccinos."

I gave my test to the student teacher and he proceeded to grade it right in front of me. Upon discovering my Zoolander quotation he said, (AND I QUOTE!)

"He went out for orange mocha frappuccinos? Well, he did go out and party so I'll give you full points on that one."

Got an A on the test which I'm pretty sure stands for AWESOME!

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