Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jolly Good

Enough about sadness. Allow me to share what makes me happy.

New bedding.

I got this for Christmas and it makes me too happy I can't fall asleep at night. New pillows, sheets...everything! This was so, so overdue. Aaron and I had been sleeping with the blanket I was born on. So yeah...It was old. But it was always a favorite. Maybe my children will be born on this someday.

He has been taking care of me. He even gets me a glass of water when I don't want to leave the bed or pick up the phone or speak louder than normal so I message him on facebook. But the best part is that I made him grow out a mustache for a week and a half while I've been sick. It's made me incredibly happy, words cannot express.


Well, technically Netflix. I could be homeless and I'd still never cancel my Netflix. I've sat in bed watching many good films this week. I watched "Waiting for Guffman" again for the hundredth time. It has the most quiet, brilliant, hilarity of any movie I've seen. It makes me so uncontrollably happy.

I watched the documentary "Without The King". It's about the country of Swaziland that has the world's last remaining absolute monarchy. That's what made me want to watch it so badly! How fascinating. And I can honestly say that form of government where the people have no rights or freedoms and the king can do whatever he wants then still collect taxes from the people is the worst form of government ever created. The people don't even have access to clean drinking water! Communism is better! Anarchy is better! Swaziland even has the lowest life expectancy of any place on earth! 31! THIRTY. ONE. And half it's people die of AIDS. Craziness. The king doesn't really do anything. However, he bought a 25 million dollar jet for himself. The country only has just over a million people in it so that's 23 dollars from every person when they already live off of like 30 cents a day. Just insanity. Really interesting movie though.

I also love historical dramas, period piece films, etc. If it's set in England AND takes place before the 20th century AND the women wear big pretty dresses AND it's based on a true story AND there's some kind of love affair taking place...oh, count me in! I watched an old favorite, "The Other Boleyn Girl", on Sunday. Oh my gosh, then add in my favorite actress, Natalie Portman, are you kidding me?! Destined to be a favorite. Love that movie. Then last night watched "The Duchess", starring Kiera Knightly. Never saw it before. Loved it. I just heart movies.

Then my life changed when I watched the documentary, "Tapped", on Netflix. It's about the bottled water industry and the plastics that are used to carry our water do not biodegrade and ruin everyone's lives. I started recycling IMMEDIATELY. I learned so much. I'm never throwing out plastic again. It's like what the BP oil spill did to our southern coast is what everyone is doing with plastic (aka oil) to our landfills and oceans EVERYWHERE!

Aaaaaand I've watched A LOT of The Ricky Gervais Show. Which really should be called the Karl Pilkington show cause he is the only reason they have a show. He's just an idiot that says the funniest things.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand thanks to those who read this blog and comment and give me happiness in my cold, cold heart. Much love.

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  1. If commenting gives you happiness, then here you go. You deserve it. It was nice to hear you count your blessings after the previous post's "rage." JK. But girl, seriously, I think you're doing great. You are being very brave in the face of a very painful and annoying trial and you are still managing to crack jokes. You are an inspiration to us all, like unto S Club 7.

    Love, Jamie