Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tickling The Ivori....WHA?!

Here's the news report I heard on the radio tonight:

"A couple driving home from their Valentine's dinner through Little Cottonwood Canyon last night careened off the road and plummeted 300 feet into the creek below."

I'm thinking, "Wow, that's sad."

Then it goes on to say..."This husband and wife are the parents of five siblings that all attended Julliard.

"Oh, that's The Five Browns' parents! How weird! That's sad." I thought.

"Keith Brown, 55..."

"Ok then it's confirmed. Totally The Five Browns' parents."

Then it gets really crazy..."This accident occurred only five days after Keith Brown was charged with one count of first-degree felony sodomy upon a child and two counts of second-degree felony sexual abuse of a child."


1 comment:

  1. ohh my gosh... yuck. I hope they're not true! Crazy they survived that!