Friday, March 4, 2011

Headline: Media Unfairly Covers Davies Scandal Leaving Local Girl Frustrated

In reference to the Brandon Davies issue I have so much to say I don't even know where to start. It absolutely makes my blood boil the way so many people are talking about this. First things first, my husband has a friend that works as a team assistant at BYU who told him that Davies was kicked off the basketball team for sleeping with his girlfriend. So I guess Aaron and I heard what he did days ago before the media.

It's so frustrating hearing the news Wednesday, even the national news, not just ESPN, misunderstanding BYU's honor code. Saying things like, "We don't know what he did to get kicked off the team. It could've been taking a sip of coffee, we just don't know." Give me a freaking break. Get an actual Mormon on your show to help people understand that the church doesn't show the same penalty for a sip of coffee as it would to premarital sex. Better yet, get some common sense.

And people are acting all shocked at the honor code and how strict is it. When they go over the list of what BYU's honor code entails they're basically just going over the list of what EVERY MORMON BELIEVES IN. They're acting so cavalier like, "Can you believe they expect 19 year old college kids not to drink and have sex?!" Yeah, no-freaking-duh. That's how all Mormons live. It's 2011, I thought that was more or less common knowledge by now. And by the way, it's not really that hard so stop acting like we're Amish or something.

Then if you notice all of the news stories yesterday about Davies and the reason behind BYU's swift action all have totally undermining coverage. Like, "Good job BYU to be the first college that follows through on their own honor code...but what was the violation? Premarital sex? Hold for laughter!" And what REALLY makes me frustrated is the narrow minded thinking of the people who've been saying, "I can't believe BYU would really throw out their star player for having sex. Don't they know how much money they'll be losing? Don't they realize how close they are to winning a championship title?" Which just goes to show that people of this world place no importance on following the rules with integrity, but more importantly no one realizes that this championship is a small, unimportant game in the realm of eternity compared to how serious of a transgression premarital sex is. But why would they. This is the world we live in. People have one night stands with strangers and live with their boyfriend or girlfriend for years and have kids before "committing" to each other and getting married. That trend is far, far more commonplace than saving oneself for marriage.

Which brings me to my next point of frustration. I was watching The Mountain West Sports Network yesterday and one of their commentators was saying that he didn't really care for Mormons anyway because they seem to have the "I'm better than you" attitude. Saying about us that since we live our lives one way and everyone else lives theirs another, that we look down on them and we think we're superior. Which, first of all, is so incredibly offensive. Honestly, it has never once crossed my mind that I'm better than anyone on this planet because of the standards in which I live my life. The only thing close to that is maybe how I feel about people who are actually in the Mormon church who commit serious sins and I can't believe how they knew truth and turned their backs on it. Even still, I've never thought to myself, "I am better than them. I will treat them with no respect." I just think, "That's sad, I hope they can get their life back on track and not spiral down further."

I know that non-Mormons (roughly about 99 percent of the people on the planet) have not made the same covenants to God that I have so I don't actually care a whole lot how they live their life. They've been raised to a totally different standard. I know my standard, I have a testimony, I understand right from wrong so I can't do myself the injustice of living up to anything less. I still understand that everyone needs the atonement. Christ didn't die for Mormons, he died for everyone. So whether people understand that now or later, it's up to them.

P.S. I'd make a terrible missionary. "How about you just call us when you want to learn some stuff, okay?"

Now finally back to Davies...he did what every Mormon wants to do but doesn't because, like me, they know what standard God expects of them and refuse to settle for less. So when it all comes down to it I think what he did to his teammates was incredibly selfish. BYU will keep losing games without him even though they're playing their best season since what, 1984? Therefore, pushing them out of the spotlight and any mediocre player that could've potentially been drafted to the NBA won't be. --And I'm not talking about Jimmer. He will undoubtedly have the same NBA career regardless.

Finally, like the song As Zion's Youth points out, "The truths and values we embrace are mocked on every hand." Having the whole world against you is a very, very frustrating thing.

"Yet as we listen and obey we know we can withstand the evils that would weaken us, the sin that would destroy. With faith we hold the iron rod and find in this our joy."

Go Utes. The End.


  1. I have two comments: 1) It's not like Brandon Davies is from a project in downtown Detroit and has never heard of Mormons or their beliefs. The kid grew up here in Provo and has watched other athletes (Harvey Unga and Company) receive the same "punishments". However, I do have to hand it to him for coming forth--I don't think he expected this media firestorm though. I DIDN'T expect it.
    2) I was NBC with Brian Williams last night and they started their story about it and I was thinking, "Really? This is national evening news material?" But, it ended really well by saying, perhaps it was time to "raise the bar" (their words) and expect more from our student athletes.
    Wow. I wrote almost as much as you. I should get a blog--that actually uses words.
    Love you!

  2. Awesomely put Carah. You said what we're all thinking!

  3. GREAT POST. Even though you say you'd be a terrible missionary, I don't believe it. With a post like that - you girl, are fired up and you ARE doing missionary work by writing this post about your beliefs.

  4. nice, girl. I totally love that hymn too...Didn't we sing that in conference or something? Great post, I agree.