Monday, March 14, 2011

Shout Out

Total shout out to Sarah Christensen on this one.

I've always believed that the gospel should make people, not just happy or content, but excited even to talk about it. Literally, you have to smile when bearing your testimony because the words coming out of your mouth that you know are true should make you so incredibly happy that you have no other choice than to beam with excitement. In the same sense that giving someone good news should force a smile on your face.

"We're from Publisher's Clearing House and you just won 100,000,000 dollars!" The man said smiling. "Holy crap! No way!" The woman replied with excitement.

"We have a living prophet." Carah said smiling. "Holy crap. Now way!" The woman replied with excitement.

Going to Sarah's homecoming talk yesterday, it's obvious that she already knows this. We should all smile more. It's infectious. So not only is this post a total shout out to Sarah, I'm totally being clever with a double meaning here. Shout out your testimony. Be happy, smile, and proclaim your faith in your countenance.

Spongebob knows his Savior. Ask anyone.

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