Saturday, April 30, 2011

Over The Hill

That title is clever. Read and see why.

I was so uncontrollably excited to go to Vegas to see Lauryn Hill in concert in two week with Bethany...alas...I'm glad I read the reviews people have posted on ticket master. Apparently people, like long time fans, have been walking out of her shows cause the concerts are terrible. Three hundred reviews and almost all of them say the same thing no matter when or where she's performed.

"The show starts at 7pm and she doesn't get on stage til 11:45pm."
"They don't do sound checks and everything sounds horrible."
"She only sings for a half hour."
"The band was too loud and all the songs were totally unrecognizable."
"She sings in double time so everything is smashed together and rushed."
"Stay home and listen to the CD, you'll be happier."

I would risk the sixty bucks if she was in town...but not going to drive all the way to Vegas. Maybe when she pulls it together a little and she puts on a concert in the town I already reside in. Still makes me so, so sad though.

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