Thursday, May 26, 2011


The journey began...

The journey continues.

Was that like totally deep or what? Now for some things that tickle me.

Oh California, your eco friendly liberal attitudes even apply to my waste. Gotta love ya.

Here's a headline for ya! "Small Town Utah Girl Fascinated in Parking Garage" But really, I've never seen this before. The days of driving along trying to find a place to park are long gone. Sensors and red and green lights now provide answers to all the parking related questions in life. Such as, "Is that a space?" No. No it is not.

Santa Monica 90401

Our new Santa Monica pad. We found it the first day we started looking. Just a block from where Aaron will be interning every day and less than a mile from the beach and the Santa Monica Pier. Pretty cool. We signed the lease today but we can't move in until Saturday. Did I mention it feels like air conditioning outside all day every day? We are quite excited. Here's a video:

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Stupidiest People On The Planet

The stupidest people on the planet have to be the Mormons who think the musical known as "The Book of Mormon" is funny.

The makers and supporters of such crap...well, they're on a completely different wave length when it comes to this, as far as I'm concerned. I'm disappointed in the Mormons right now. I've been curious exactly how bad it is so I took a listen on itunes. If I read one more comment that a Mormon person posted saying, "This is so funny! It gets Mormons perfectly! You gotta poke fun at yourself!" I will go cra-zy. I already have.

People think they're being cool like, "Oh yeah, it's alright. I can take it. I'm a cool Mormon." Or, "I showed this to my really strict Mormon friend and he thinks it's hysterical!"

Let me stop you right there.

You see, living in a comedy club the past few years I've heard and seen a lot. I'm not very conservative when it comes to my laughter nor am I easily offended. So to say these songs are offensive is an understatement for me. And if you don't think so and you're Mormon, you must be incredibility the point I hope you aren't endowed because then you should really, seriously know better. The entire play is not for faith building, it's for faith tearing...make no mistake. It is entirely to mock the things we hold sacred, and I mean sacred, done throughout by satire and sarcasm.

"Oh, the the play was so cute." That's not cuteness you see, it's high production values. Seriously?! Seriously?! There are two whole songs dedicated solely to a missionary character making things up as he goes along talking about how God told Joseph to get rid of his AIDS he shouldn't rape an infant but rape a frog instead. Not funny, disgusting, offensive, and again...not funny. Calling this play cute is a far reaching stretch of the imagination.

And like I said, everything is done out of sarcasm and satire. There's an entire song called "I Believe" that to some might sound sweet but completely mocks every last thing we believe in. Saying things like, "And I believe that the current president of the church Thomas S. Monson speaks directly to God". Which would be fine if you heard it in church on Sunday, but when it's proceeded by a song called "F--- You God" and said completely to drive home the message to the audience that "Yes! People actually believe this! Ha Ha Ha Ha!" it is insulting. It is sarcastic. And Mormons who would laugh at it are laughing along with people who are laughing at us, not with us.

More examples of lyrics from this one song would be:
"I am a Mormon...and a Mormon just believes. You cannot just believe part way, you have to believe in it all." "I believe that God has a plan for all of us and that plan involves me getting my own planet" "I believe that the Garden of Eden is in Jackson county Missouri." No one is testifying. It's just sarcastic mockery.

I just added a photo of the San Diego temple to appease all Gaston-like readers thinking, "How can you read this thing? There's no pictures!" So here you go.

If you haven't read this article already, it says some really great things.

My personal favorite part is:
"A couple of weeks ago a review about the musical appeared at the New York Times from a Jewish writer who simply listed himself as Levi. “As someone of Jewish faith,” he began, “I take personal offense at this show….I cannot believe that New York, MY New York, where I was born and raised, would ever do such a thing. Shame on you, New York Times, shame on Broadway, and shame on all of us who stand idly by and do nothing while the faith of others is mocked. Religious and cultural Jews need not support such bigotry.”

That's right, people. Stand up for what is good. So Mormons, don't think it makes you cooler if you can "handle" a play like this. It makes you weak. Silence condemns when you sit idly by. But to speak out in favor of it? Your words amplify their insults.

This musical was not made with good intentions. It was not made to make our faith sound super rad and down to earth and stir up a lot of baptisms. It was made to break down the things we have been testified are true to us through the Holy Ghost. Do not give them one dollar or one chuckle. Because if you call yourself a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints, you've taken upon yourself the name of Christ so when you mock these sacred things when you know better it makes me so disappointed. And I'm pretty sure God isn't too jazzed about it either. But me personally, I am disappointed that when the people who see this play wonder if it's okay to laugh and you give them the go ahead you've given them a license to mock us further and you don't understand how serious that can be.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Life Today

I don't think so much has ever gone down in my life in one month. May is turning out to be a doozy.

Aaron and I moved out of our apartment nestled in the benches of Salt Lake City. We were officially out last Friday and are now residing temporarily at Aaron's parent's home in Kearns. I will so wholeheartedly miss the Eastside life. Salt Lake has been good to us. Aaron standing as we take in our final moments in the apartment we called home for 1.9 years.

I quit both my nanny jobs. Last day for the lil babes was yesterday and my last day for my 11 and 14 year old girls is next Friday. I've had that job for over a year. It will be so weird to leave my girls. So weird. Going from seeing someone every day to never seeing them again is always a strange transition for me.
We're driving down to LA on Monday the 23rd of May. Um, a week and three days...yikes. This is major. We don't have a place lined up yet. But I look online all day, every day. And I don't have a nanny job lined up yet. But...ditto.

Last week all of my stress came from getting out of the apartment on time. This week I'm really, really stressed about finding the right apartment with a landlord that won't try to screw us over. And finding a job that is close enough to where we live. LA is huge and driving during rush hour would be not be acceptable. Twenty miles away? Yeah, an hour drive. Pshhh. Finding a job that's enough hours, close, enough money and with a family I like. Stress. I'm so nervous. I need everything to come together smoothly and in a timely fashion.

To put my nerves at ease I spent all evening putting together a check-list of all the questions to ask and things to look for when browsing potential apartments. I did my research. Seriously, this thing is impressive. If you're ever moving I'll email it to you.

I just am trusting that the good Lord will provide. Never has let me down. Sing praises, hallelujah.