Thursday, May 26, 2011

Santa Monica 90401

Our new Santa Monica pad. We found it the first day we started looking. Just a block from where Aaron will be interning every day and less than a mile from the beach and the Santa Monica Pier. Pretty cool. We signed the lease today but we can't move in until Saturday. Did I mention it feels like air conditioning outside all day every day? We are quite excited. Here's a video:


  1. i want to play chess with you at your house.

    my favorite part:

    (pointing to the smoke alarm) "fire extinguisher."

  2. Denise and I will be there to sleep on your floor for a week. <3 Mary

  3. Cute! Love the view of the lot next door! Can you get us a ladder, we need one.

  4. dude, NOT BAD! I mean, it's twice what we pay for a place that size, BUT're in California. By a beach. I'd pay double for that fo sho! I'm so happy for you guys!