Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I live in Santa Monica now so that's fantastic. No job yet though. Dag. I've been emailing quite a few people on various nanny websites throughout the past few weeks and still no luck. But I do have a good story.

A few days back I emailed a woman directly from a nanny website. She wrote back a long email saying how she was currently in England because her mother had just passed away and the funeral had just taken place. She also said that she was an interior decorator and she mentioned the neighborhood they lived in. Pretty classy, like Malibu. From her first email I did notice her strange way of writing, I just assumed it was her being British. But writing whole paragraphs as run-on sentences and saying things like, "Thank you so much and i do hope for a better communication and look forward to having you as best of family and friends." was just weird. There are so many examples just like that.

She sent me a second email asking all the basic questions that the nanny websites encourage people to ask and I replied with all my answers. For the most part everything was pretty normal. But it was her last email where I really knew this had to be a scam. A really long and painstaking process for a scamper to go through but there were too many red flags.

In the last email she said after discussing all of the possible candidates with her husband she decided I was the best choice and that she would like me to start right when they got home from England. Who hires someone to work in their home, especially with their children, that they've never met before?! No one real! No one that exists! Ha! And she even asked for my address to send me my first weeks pay to "not have any troubles finance wise or any hindrances starting your new position." That was the biggest red flag of all! Sorry scam artist. Sending me a fake check, having me cash it and asking for the money back is the oldest trick in the book. Your game is weak, sucka.

They also sent me a picture of the family and my first reaction back when I still thought this was a real woman was, "There is no way this is an interior designer in LA. She looks like an overweight stay at home mom with a farmers tan from Arkansas!" (Direct quote). They probably just stole some picture of a family off someone's facebook or something. Then when I googled her name next to "interior designer" and nothing came closed.

I didn't want to completely come out and email her back and say the obvious...ya know, "Go to Hell" n' stuff in case there is half of one percent likelihood she is a real person. I don't even call someone by name unless I've heard their name like 100 times to be positive what to call them. So I just emailed back and said I want to first meet in response back.

THEN I just googled a line from one of the emails and a bunch of results came up of the exact same emails! All of them! Word for word! Totally creeped out now. You never know who you're talking to! I didn't give out any personal information, luckily. I followed my instincts.

And the point of my story is.....I still don't have a job. The End.