Thursday, July 21, 2011

Perfect Weather Makes Local Woman Happiest

People often ask me, "So Carah, how are you liking California?" People, every day outside is like air conditioning. It's so cool if the sun is not out I am cold. Our apartment is a mile from the ocean and is not even equip with heating and cooling. We open our windows. And when you have the best job in the world that let's you afford to live here, all the better. Then again, there is an abundance of homeless people. They get it.

Exhibit A. Provo, Utah monthly averages high and low.

Exhibit B. Santa Monica, California monthly averages high and low and why my rent is more than most people's mortgage payments.

The evidence is conclusive.

And here is little baby Lola with whom I spend about nine hours a day. She is Japanese, which is like......jackpot. I really, really, really love her.

Me being awesome.

Aaron's friend Ben came to visit from Arizona last weekend. Coming to visit is a great idea for all of you who are contemplating it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confession. Chapter Four.

I love my husband.

Ok, that's not much of a confession. But I would like to admit that when we are around each other we rarely talk in a normal voice. We are very mushy. We speak exclusively in voices. It's repulsive. I was pleased to hear that my friend Camille is also just as lovey dovey with her husband. Ah, I'm not the only one. I can only switch on the voice when he's around and when he's gone or other people are around it's impossible to get back. Weird? Normal.

I found this facebook app that lets you look back at all your old statuses. I found it funny that my status for our first anniversary was all like, "ONE YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TODAY! I tried thinking of something clever to say, but no facebook status can sum up how happy I am and how much I love Aaron Jeremy Burrell!"

Jeez, Carah. Calm. Down. It's not like I love Aaron any less but by our second wedding anniversary my status just said, "Two years of marriage: check." Haha. I'm so blissfully married, I just know how to restrain it better after these two years.

And you know how cute my husband is? Just yesterday I stayed late at my nanny job talking to the mom, Krista, for two hours and Aaron called twice, left voicemails and text messages worried where I was. Then he used his iPhone to track where my iPhone was then matched that with the address of the house I work at...just to get piece of mind. He's cute. I'm cute. Still in love, as always.