Friday, August 26, 2011

Veronicas 4 Ever

I just got back from The Veronicas concert and I can't help but scream! Ahhhhhhhhh! I usually write very composed, thought out blogs but The Veronicas make no such thing possible. It was the greatest night ever. Ever. Just so great. Wow. I want to go to a Veronicas concert every day. Every day I need to schedule a Veronicas concert into my life. I swear, I've never felt better. It was so hot, I was dancing so hard that I thought I would die. Like pass out, lose consciousness, and die. But if I have to chose any way to die and ascend into heaven I would want it to be there at that concert.

At concerts there are always losers who slide past you and try to get their way to the front. Those people can die. Luckily there weren't too many and without any sly trickery Aaron and I got to the front and I only had one person in front of me! That person being Mexican and a whole head shorter than me. At concerts...I love being tall. And when I'm at concerts I dance. Ohhh, do I dance. People clear a space around me for me to bust a move. I was the hardest one dancing in the crowd by far and Jess and Lisa of The Veronicas noticed. Making eye contact the whole show, there is nothing like it. Them singing right to me as I sing their words right back at them. Ahhhhhh! I revised my death wish. The way I want to die is me, Jess, and Lisa in the tour bus as they tell me I'm their best friend in song as we overdose on happiness.

They sang a lot of new songs off their upcoming album, which lemmie tell ya folks, is going to be spectacular. They are musical geniuses. The most powerful voices ever. And oh, they are literally the size of twin twelve year old girls. I've never seen grown woman so small. Their could pick them up with one hand. They can sing people. They can sing and they have the tiniest bodies ever. I love The Veronicas. Love. Them.

I'm not one of those people who takes pictures the whole concert. I'm in the moment. I dance. So Aaron took my pictures.

They sang a ton of new stuff and you know the music is good if the first time you hear it it blows you away. This song was my favorite. This was not recorded by me, however but it is from the concert I was just at!

This is a video I took where you can almost see an older gentleman who must be their number one fan because he was singing along to every song. He's in the center of everything. (Much as The Veronicas are the center of his everything.) And you can see my proximity to the stage.

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  1. 4ever! I love those girls, but you're right - they're tiny! When we saw them in Salt Lake, I believe Kendall's commentary was "My arm couldn't fit in their pant leg." Come back to Provo soon :)