Saturday, December 3, 2011

Social Misfit

I really just wanted to use the word "misfit". I don't know if it applies to my blog. I want to write about why I need to boast about the simple fact that I indeed have friends. High school girls do it a lot. Why? What are they trying to validate? Why do they need to tag their posts on facebook about who they're with and how much fun they're having, "Had an awesome night with Stacy Jenkings, Brooke Carver, and Jenny Cooper! You girls are my BFFs!" Why? Why do you need to tell all of your other friends a message that is clearly just directed at your "BFFs"? You need to make sure everyone knows that you are capable of having friendships and that you're not sitting at home all night practicing kissing with your pillow?

While I've never done this specifically, I'm guilty of this friend bragging. Aren't we all? My most embarrassing examples are probably evident in my high school journals. To some up every single page: "Oh I did this thing with them and it was so fun we're like totally awesome then I had to leave and hang out with her." I don't know who I was trying to impress. My mom who steals my journal to make sure I'm not having sex? I guess so.

It can't be just me and the 14 year olds though, right? Why do we want people to write on our facebook wall instead of sending a message? So everyone can see we are worthy of someone talking to us? Why do we need a "define the relationship" with our friends? So when you lock someone in as your best friend and if then they don't act like it you can call them out on it? Why do we have to act like when we're trying to find a contact in our phone "It's like so difficult. I have so many friends in here! *scroll, scroll, scroll*"

Did you ever take the color code test? I'm a blue. (No, I'm not just using the appropriate color text, that's a link.) Thought I was a yellow, did ya? No, blue all the way. Whoever you are reading this blog, either this is going to be totally relatable or you are going to think I'm incredibly needy and need to get life. But that's the great part! I'm married! Once you get married all that matters is your relationship with your husband. He's locked in. He's got a "DTR" that is pretty binding. Technically I don't need any friends since I have him and always will. That's comforting. I'm not a teenager anymore, something that I need to remind myself of hourly. Therefore, all that need for approval just melts away.

This is a photo that represents that feeling of making friends in school as a little girl. The divide between the girls who liked Lisa Frank and the girls who didn't. (Myself being the ladder.) But truthfully, nothing is greater than a Lisa Frank traper keeper with a self-assured leopard on it.

P.S. For a good time, google "Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper" and I dare you not to vomit through your smile.

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  1. carah...we're still BFFs, right??? and i love the way you write. you are so great. love you!