Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bad Baby

Every day I babysit for two 10 and 6 year old boys and 9 month old baby Lola. This week I had a rather funny encounter. Just one of those things that tickled me so much I was laughing all day.
We were getting out of the car after school and I got Lola's stroller out of my trunk. Six year old Aiden is a funny little devil and sat in the stroller until his butt was stuck in it. After I told him to get out and he wouldn't even try I said, "Alright! I'm just gonna dump you out then!" I then playfully picked the stroller upside down and started shaking him out of it. Aiden is underneath, laughing and trying to stay wedged in there because making my life difficult seems to amuse him. We are in the middle of an apartment parking lot when all this occurs and three older ladies come walking up and say with so much concern, "Do you need help?!" I reply saying, "Oh, no. He's just being a dork." They can then see the legs underneath of a full grown child and they say, "Ohhh! I thought there was a baby in there!"

Can you imagine..."Come on baby! Get! Out! *Shake shake shake* She's out! Babysitter of the year."

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