Sunday, February 12, 2012

Revenge Blog

If you're not familiar with the BYU Memes facebook page, I don't blame you. However if you are, then good for you. You might even be one of the 3,442 people who are a fan of it's page. Wow, quite a following! Right? They must have had a steady stream of "likes" over a series of months/years! Try 4 days. Just 4 days ago the page was started and already they have thousands of members and 1,157 original user generated photos.

I've already created a few that have become quite popular. This one currently has 77 likes in just the few hours it's been online.

You're welcome, BYU.

Problem is, they have really gotten on a high horse. If attending BYU wasn't enough, the administrators have put even more limiting restrictions on what is published on their page. For instance, let me introduce you to a new friend I made. I call her Hipster Nephite Descendent Pocahontas.

I don't mind if you don't think she's particularly funny. She just makes me happy. Happy in a little place known as my heart. The place that feels joy. Joy which is not dictated by BYU Meme police. Students who are enrolled on reduced tuition via my tithing. But sadly, of the 1,157 photos published on the page, Hipster Nephite Descendent Pocahontas was taken down by the administrators within the first five minutes of being posted. Was it offensive? No. They have an abundance of pictures of Jesus with captions. Was a connection to BYU not understandable? Like I said, they allow pictures of Jesus.

General college pictures are entirely welcomed. Like this one:

Okay, I made that one. But it was well received. I have given them so much but taken so little. They have messed with the wrong spiteful comedian.

If only one could harness BYU Memes sudden rise to popularity and reap untold comedic fortune as well as fiscal benefit. Only the most comedically inclined could create and manage their own facebook page where just the elite Mormon culture satire photos are displayed. A page where little BYU kiddies would flock eagerly as the administrator holds their precious patronage in the palm of her hand. Maybe even it's own website could be in order as advertisers line up to pay said administrator for holding the crown jewel of Mormon themed websites above all others with so much class and dignity it surpasses all previous beacons to humanity! But WHO?! WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING?! No possible human has the endless hours of cold, lonely nights as well as a surplus of harbored vendettas it takes to craft such a supremely prized entity!