Monday, September 9, 2013

That Time I Met The Veronicas

I posted this on Facebook, but I need it to be cemented in history on my blog as well. 

Let me tell you about the greatest night ever. 

I live in LA, okay? I see celebs. I care very little. But we all have that top idol. I've always prepared myself for the day I'd meet The Veronicas because, to me, they are the only people so talented with their song writing, vocals, and beauty who are actually worthy of a fan-girl-hyperventilating freak out from this Provo girl. For my mom, it's Paul McCartney. Sister Bethany, it's Alicia Keys. Me? Australian twins with harmonies that sing into my soul.

So when Jess of the Veronicas announces on Facebook that her boyfriend's band Badflower will be performing at a club in Hollywood, I grab my Australian flag, a sharpie, and my lucky Michael Jackson belt and hit the 101! 

Badflower was truly amazing and I could see Lisa and Jess standing up front like a couple of groupies. After the band finished and people dispersed all around the club, Aaron and his overactive bladder (bless him) walked to the men's room. Though I didn't have to go, I decided to go to the restroom and make sure I'd be looking fly for when I hunted down The Veronicas later on. Opened the door, and it was surreal. All, like, 95 pounds of Lisa Origlasio standing by herself looking in the mirror. She is the size of a preteen.

I said, "Lisa...?" And then who knows what else came out of my mouth. We chatted for a while and she was so inviting and genuine! Then. Jessica Origlasio appears out of a stall to my left. Do you believe there's a God? Well you should. For a lot of reasons. But you don't just so happened to wonder into a bathroom in a busy club and meet both of your music idols then eventually just die and become worm food, right? It was miraculous.

I chatted with mostly Lisa for probably 10 minutes about their new album and just told them how their new song Let Me Out is SO powerful and other various ways I adore them. They talked to me so genuinely. Not like a artist to a fan, just a friend to a friend. I brought my Aussie flag and they laughed so hard and were so impressed I just had one lying around! Signed it "Aussie Aussie! All our love! The Veronicas Lisa xoxo Jess xoxo"

They even said their favorite show they've played was in Salt Lake because the fans were SO passionate! I'm like, "They were probably all wearing shorts and flip flops? Those are my friends!" "Yeeeeah!" (I was not at that show back in 2008, however. I was at Camp Romaca where I met all my Aussie friends, which I why I have a flag from the Veronica's home country in my house. And Australians are just cooler class of cool than regular people, let's be honest.)

And then. After we were BFs and took pictures, Lisa told me to shout out to her on Instagram with my pics of us. 

They liked them. 

AND LISA FREAKING ORIGLASIO REPOSTED THEM ON HER INSTAGRAM! And that's when I overdosed on happiness. That is Lisa's Instagram of US! I can't even.

Lisa, Carah, Jess.....NO BIG DEAL.

Well, that's the short version of the greatest night ever. Get me in person and I'll tell you the two hour tale. The Veronicas and ME!