Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drawings I Drew!

I don't actually know how to draw but I love making funny and ridiculous cards for people. My love for my friends and family pull out just enough of the talent it takes to make some magic. Here are a collection of most of my favorite cards and drawings I've done over the last couple months! 

1. Professor Blastoff fan art for the podcast Aaron is a part of. There he is on the right. Ain't he cute? "Name That Punky" is a ridiculous game they play on the podcast that the fans just love. It needed a picture and thus I was inspired to draw. The Facebook fan page for the podcast loved it! Yay! 

Description: David Huntsberger, Kyle Dunnigan, Tig Notaro, Aaron Burrell and Punky Bruster together at last. 

2. I have the most wacked out supa fly boss on the planet who has been so awesome to Aaron and I in innumerable ways that I needed to show some love back.

Description: Christine and I running with fro-yo in hand and baby to boob as Reiley the dog jets away to freedom. Following the sign "party" and fleeing from the sign "business", we dash toward Christine's surfer husband Ross and through the dove held banner of my gratefulness.

3. I said my boss Christine is supa fly and I mean it. One of the funnest drawings I've done and a favorite of mine based on it's pure ridiculousness. 

Description: Christine is a mother with many talents. Surfing, rollerblading, and pancake making all while holding her beloved Kitchen Aid mixer isn't hard when your husband already has got a wrangle on your parasailing baby from his boat. Reiley the dog, again flying to freedom, only this time drawn more accurately and adorably than ever, wishes Christine a happy 31st as I lounge under a palm tree.

4. Most missionaries are awesome, but these two Elders are amazing! Having them over for dinner about once a week I got to know them well enough to collect the perfect amount of information for an accurate drawing. They saw the picture I drew for Aaron's podcast and said, "Hey! Draw one of us!" But to throw them off I scoffed and said, "Pshhhh, not likely. I don't have time for that." Yet ironically, it was I that was played a'fool. The minute I was finishing it up and they were supposed to knock on our door to have dinner, they called and canceled because they were transferred. Heart. Broken. I had to drive to their mission office to deliver it. They called us and said they loved it though!

Description: Elder Davidson from Idaho stands proudly on his sack of potatoes holding his overflowing box of letters from his girlfriend of six years. (I know, right?!) Elder Black from Georgia stands over his box of peaches as he holds his root beer and a fishing pole that caught his favorite prey, a laminator. As he was assigned to work in the mission office and laminated every note and card and scrap he could find....because he could. The Los Angeles Temple in the background. 

5. A birthday card for my neighbor and rock climbing enthusiast friend, Kris. We first met when she locked her self out of her house. And look! A tiny misplaced key!

6. If you know my mom....that is IS my mom. Bag of Lays and cup of tea in hand. She also drives semi trucks, that's important to note. She's not just a 4 year old boy or something.....

And now the most time consuming, intense card I've ever talked myself into doing!

The day after the Elders got transfered out I got a knock on my door and behold! Two wonderful and amazing sister missionaries entered the picture (no pun intended) and it's been life changing just knowing them! I could write an entire blog about Sister Mellor and Sister Rackleff and my adventures with them over the last couple months. But just know that they are stellar and deserve all the hours coloring for this card to be completed! Gave it to them a few days ago. Theyyyyyyyyyy almost cried. Ha.

Description: Sister Rackleff from Texas gets a shout out from an astronaut flouting above the earth informing "Houston" (also her home town) that she is indeed THE COOLEST! Sister Mellor, from Washington state, but called spanish speaking, gets told she's incredible from the Telemundo satellite. I stand on my ladder holding my flag that says "SISTERS!"


And then I also drew these for the Sisters' daily planners and they were a fun too. Front AND back, people.

I drew them in a hotel bathtub.

Too many jokes to explain here.

And just something pretty to look at on their planners everyday.

And THEN I thought, Christmas is coming. Why don't I learn a new skill like sewing and quilting and make their Christmas extra amazing?! But....never again. Haha.

The end of a long month of amazingness. 

Sister Morgan's quilt of luxury.

Sister Rackleff and her quilt by the rooooaring fireplace.

I know those are quilts and not drawings but love knows no boundaries.

P.S. Welcome home every single LA missionary I knew in California! You lot will do great things. Still.