Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What I Love About Lake

February 19th, 2015  -  Five months

I love having Lake in my life.

She is five and a half months old and I love spending every day getting to know her. Lake definitely has a personality. She is so full of life! Babbling, rolling, gnawing, smiling, laughing, screaming. She's only quiet and out of trouble when I'm holding her. If she could talk she would be saying, "Yes, mother, I know you have things to do, but if you could just carry me at all times then I wouldn't have to whine and cry. And if you can't do that, then at least make constant eye contact with me not to be broken for even a split second! That's not asking too much, is it?!" And I do it.

Some of the things I love about Lake right now are as follows:

·First and foremost, the girl smells like Golden Grams. It is her natural scent. And this isn't just me talking, Aaron agrees as well. Every baby is different they say, well my baby is a cereal and she is delicious.

·The grocery store we go to a few times a week is the perfect place to put her in her Moby Wrap and walk the aisles. I love the time I get to spend with her hugged up against me with her head right at  perfect kissing level.

·At bath time she thinks it's so entertaining to kick her legs furiously until most of the water is splashed out.

·Lake loves to put her mouth on any and everything. Her toys are nice, but she is in Heaven if she can get her mouth on a bottle or jug, a diaper, the foot of her crib, my arm, my finger, my cheek bone, her hairbrush, material of any kind (preferably the kind that would most likely cause her to suffocate) and books. And this girl can roll! So even though she's not quite crawling, with her rolling skills she's put more things in her mouth than I can remember at this point.

·I love how Lake knows her daddy and gets excited when he walks in the door from school. Aaron picks her up and throws her in the air and she giggles like she's been saving all her best, cutest laughter for daddy.

·When Lake is really into a toy and just has laser concentration. That really is my favorite! I just love her staring at her pacifiers like she's about to make a serious breakthrough that will unlock all of the mysteries of the universe.

·We just got her a jumper that sits in the living room that keeps her so occupied! Even when she's had enough and wants out she still is jumping up and down steadily. It's like her mind is bored but her legs can't quit having all the fun.

·If Lake isn't sleeping, she's buzzing her lips and blowing bubbles. It's a constant. She just loves blowing raspberries and babbling until she's covered herself and anyone close by in her saliva.

·I have been waiting my whole life to snuggle a sleeping baby and Lake does not disappoint! She brings the snuggles. Holding a sleeping baby close is it's own natural high! I hope she stays this cuddly forever. I love how she wakes up and smiles so big at me like she's saying, "Ready to play now!"

·She makes it pretty easy when trying to get her to laugh. She laughs at dumb noises, funny faces, or just being picked up even. Watching Aaron dance really does it to her too. His silly, stupid dancing is always a hit!

Lake makes it easy to be her mom!
Now if she could cut back on the daily poopy blowouts, growing out of clothes (she is in size 18mo!), and waking me every hour in the night to nurse and snuggle...I would...LOVE HER THE EXACT SAME CAUSE LOOK AT THAT FACE.

January 27th, 2015 - Lake's first day rolling over!

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