Monday, June 29, 2015

Nine Months of Lake

What the what? Where'd my little baby go? And who took my scrawny arms and replaced them with these buuuulging biceps?! Oh, the answer to both questions: My 24 pound nine month old.

A whole lot has changed in the last few months! Lake sleeps in a crib, I have a job, and it's hotter than Hades outside.

I love co-sleeping but it was time to let Lake be a big girl. I could tell she just wanted to sleep on her tummy and roll around at night. Now she finally goes to bed at a decent hour and sleeps all the way until the morning! I feed her maybe once in the early AM and put her back down then we both get a few more hours. Everyone in the house is happy, but I still love the times she naps on my chest so we can snuggle!

In April I was able to score a perfect job nannying for a family of three boys close by. I'm really loving it! I get to take Lake every day so it's like being paid to be a mom to my own child in someone else's house! It's helped me schedule and plan out my day so much better too. I do so much better when I know I have to be somewhere each day and can't just lay around the house avoiding those pesky adult responsibilities.

Last summer I was pregnant and miserable. It's so wonderful to be out in the sun without hating life and cursing the heat. But it is like intensely hot, people!

Now, let's get to the real reason I write not have to write and just post adorable pictures of my fat lil baby! Weeeeeee!
December to January - 4 Months

January to February - 5 Months

February - Five Months - I love these faces! She's so fun. 

March - 6 Months
March to April - 7 Months

April to May - 8 Months
May to June - 9 Months

Sorry, but I just had to post the poop picture! If I had to clean it, you at least have to see it! Hehe.