Sunday, April 10, 2016

Baby Machine

It is two days away from my due date. I am a happy, giant pregnant lady with no complaints! This pregnancy has been virtually unnoticeable compared to my pregnancy with Lake. The hardest part has honestly been trying to choose a name for this baby! I'm having a GIRL, in case you were wondering. Uggg, I don't like girls names. Why can't I just name her "Carah"? Why deviate from a classic?

Hello little baby! You are just 7 weeks along! 

I realized I was pregnant when I had a not even one year old yet. I was a little stressed. Did you know you can be breastfeeding, not have a period yet, AND be taking the pill and still get pregnant? Needless to say, the husband and I agreed to employing all forms of birth control and end each evening with a firm handshake.

I really am so in love with my babies though. Having another sweet newborn in this house is going to bring so much more joy to our lives. I can't wait!

A lot is happening these upcoming few months. Not only is there a baby to watch out for, Aaron is finally graduating from the U with his degree in Computer Science and we will have to find a job and new place to live. So if someone could just give Aaron a job back in Santa Monica where he's making loads of cash and I can frolic regularly on the beach with my two babes....that would be great. Plan B is to just eat away at our savings in Salt Lake until such an offer is made.

Plan C is to just take a job anywhere that offers him money, but that one's not nearly as exciting to think about.

Take me back! LA OR BUST!

Lake is now 18 months and she is a handful. That's just the truth. But I don't remember her ever being an "easy" baby. I don't know what I was expecting. But oh, yes. A baby sister rocking her single child world cannot be timed any better! She can already do the sign for baby, say "sissy!", and she attacks all babies smaller than her with pokes and kisses. They will be total best pals.

I'm counting down the hours I have left with just Lake. She is so bright and absolutely hilarious. Aaron and I can't get enough of her. She has mastered the cheesey smile that stops us in our tracks. It's the cutest. She knows something like 20 words now and it feels like she understands everything we're telling her. I like when she obeys me and thinks she deserves an applause break for herself.

This last year and a half as a mom has been such a blast. I think I am learning so much more about how God sees us as His children too. I love my little family. Like, LOOOOVE them. So come join us, baby sister! It's going to be a great eternity.

39 weeks, 5 days and 14 hours...but who's counting.

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