Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Cottonwood Heights Home Renovation: Week Six

It's appropriate that this was our renovation's sixth week, because it has been the devil. 

We sanded and stained the whole living room only to find out that the hand sander I used to finish everything off put marks all over the floor. And the "water popping" I was told to do made the darker planks of wood black. The wood is supposed to be dampened before staining to hold the color better, but it was just way too dark. There was nothing left to do but start over. I was a little....emotional. 

Experiencing hand sander betrayal 

Not acceptable. I have standards. 

At least I went back and was meticulous while sanding and got a much better result than before! 

Floor, you're aaaaallllright!
Most of the work we've done these last three weeks has been electrical and plotting ways to harm city permit officers. You want to make someone a conservative for life? Renovate a house and deal with all those regulations and incompetent government workers you're always hearing about. "Uh, you guys are gonna need another permit for 'such n' such'"


"Uhhh.... *three days later* hhhhhhhh. Nevermind."

Take that conversation and times it by five and you will get a feeling as to my murderous rage.

So we won't be done in time to move in May 15th. I have no choice but to go live at my parents' house and commute up everyday to keep working. Why yes, I actually DO need someone to watch my girls in Provo! Ya know someone?!

Anyway, thanks for reading my anger diary. Enjoy the video!


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gwen is ONE!

Baby Gwennie gone dun growed up! Here's her first year video! What a doll she is!

And let's just add in Lake's first year and second year video for the sake of consistency. I better not have too many more kids because I'm running out of sentimental songs here. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Cottonwood Heights Home Renovation: Three Weeks In

Howdy, folks! 

Welcome to our progress report detailing all the amazing work my crew and I have been doing these last three weeks. 

I am so excited to finally post about our house! We closed on March 16th, and started ripping up carpet and tearing stuff out that night. Haven't taken a day off since, come to think of it. Except the Lord's day, of course. The 60 years of smoke and nicotine stains on the walls means we need all the blessings we can get. Pray for us. 

The house we bought was built in 1961 with the same owners since 1965. It was literally the only house on the market in the Cottonwood Heights area under $300,000. Aaron's work is just 1.4 miles down the road with the rec center right around the corner. It all came together and we felt confident it would be a good home to fix up with the potential to sell it for a heaping profit in a few years! You can scroll down if you want to skip straight to the videos. 

Let's start with the before pictures! 

Saturday, March 18th, 2017 - A happy family poses in front of their new money hole.

Living Room - The owners ripped out the thermostat before they left...'preciate ya

Living room view 2 - Carpet, wallpaper, and tile all had to go

Living room view 3 - Fake wood paneling, wouldn't be a 60s home without it

View walking into kitchen - Carpet in the kitchen because we went house hunting with the mindset, "As gross and difficult to renovate as possible, please." 

                View of the wall where my breakfast nook is going with the door to the carport on the right

View from far side of kitchen with the bathroom (which is now a pantry) on the right

Opposite wall in the kitchen

Upstairs hallway facing our bedroom

Bathroom - It's small! That has since changed though.

Let the smashing....begin!  

My father-in-law Brad scoring the wall. Couldn't have done this home renovation without Brad! 

"Heeeere's Johnny!" Yes, I say that every time a punch a hole through a wall and no I won't quit it. 
Bye-bye, wallie!

*deeeeep inhale* Ahhhh, now isn't that much better?!

Girls miss their mommy. Mommy misses her girls. 
Tile, you are dead to me

Adios, kitchen sink

Basement after the carpet was ripped out

Our bedroom. Wallpaper. Blehhhhh. Hours. DAYS. I don't want to talk about it. 

Gwen's room. Wallpaper hell.
Just the start....we filled that trailer to max capacity in about a mili-second
I thought I had more pictures of the bedrooms! Sorry! I dun goofed. We have to be out of our apartment by May 14th, so we only have five more weeks to get this place livable for my family. No pressure, my kids love power tools.
Here's the week by week vids! See you back here in three more weeks!